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Corruption Risk and Related Infractions Management Plan
In compliance with the Corruption Prevention Council (CPC) Recommendation of 01 July 2009, EPAL adopted the Corruption and Related Infractions Risk Management Plan.

This Plan identifies the main areas which may potentially be subject to acts of corruption, as well as the ensuing risks and the controls set forth by the company in order to mitigate these.

By adopting the Plan, EPAL seeks to strengthen the company’s culture and that of its employees with regard to ethical behaviours and best practices in commercial relations with customers, suppliers and other bodies, in accordance with the guiding principles that are in the Águas de Portugal group’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, which EPAL adopted.

All irregularities/whistleblowing must be sent through the email address  

Bearing in mind the company’s transparency and good governance, as well as the CPC recommendation, EPAL has posted here the version in force of its Corruptions and Related Infractions Risk Management Plan.

In compliance with that set forth in article 46 of Decree-Law no.133/2013 of 03 October, companies are also obliged to draft an annual report of occurrences identified, or the risk of occurrences of the facts defined in article 2(1a) of Law no. 54/2008 of 04 September.

Notwithstanding, EPAL has been submitting to the CPC and its shareholder the results of its annual monitoring, on an annual basis, it also drafted a summary report, which is available for viewing below.

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