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Virtual visits to the Águas Livres Aqueduct, the Mãe d'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir and the Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station are already available to the public, not only a panoramic view of these emblematic spaces in the history of water, such as the possibility to explore unknown details in centuries-old structures and experience different angles of space observation.

The visitor will be able to walk through the monumental archway of the Aqueduct of Águas Livres and feel the vertigo when he leans on the largest arch, climb to the terrace of Mãe d'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir and observe Lisbon at 360º or see and hear the steam engine operating at Barbadinhos Pumping Station. 

It is in this way that, while the Water Museum has its doors closed, we invite you to discover the water heritage through a new virtual path never before traveled and full of new emotions.


Águas Livres Aqueduct    

Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras Reservoir   

Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station   




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