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Circular Design by Nature Competition already has winners

Oct 29, 2020

EPAL and ETIC transform end-of-life materials into exclusive design pieces

EPAL launched the “Circular Design by Nature” challenge to students at ETIC “School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation” to present merchandising proposals for items made from surplus materials such as end-of-life paper, cardboard, advertising tarpaulins and canvases and Fill Forever bottles, contributing to a reduction in the ecological footprint.

The applications reveal exceptional work and commitment by the students who accepted the challenge and became familiar with EPAL’s culture and history and with circular economy principles, presenting very creative proposals, guaranteeing an innovative, aesthetic character and potential to promote the idea of a circular economy.

The competition results were announced in a live ceremony, where all the necessary safety precautions were in place, with the award of monetary prizes to the top three students or group of students. First place was awarded to the entry submitted by Filipa Meias and Mariana Freire, second place to Sofia Taboada’s entry and third place to André Fonseca and Catarina Rita.

This initiative represents an extraordinary example of how collaboration between schools and companies can generate innovation and excellent results in optimising the resources used, creating a circular economy logic for their merchandising materials and institutional offer, where the old becomes new.

The next stage will be the production of the winning entry by an IPSS (Instituições particulares de solidariedade social – Private Social Solidarity Institutions), combining educational, artistic and environmental aspects with social aspects, in a truly inclusive way.

The Circular Design by Nature Competition is an innovative project that comprises the many initiatives that EPAL has developed for the circular economy, which can be viewed at:

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