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It is essential for EPAL to promote good relations and communications with its suppliers and service providers, encouraging them to adopt sustainable commitments and practices in their entirety, as well as conscious standards of quality, ethics, conduct and transparency, identical to those advocated and practised.

This sharing of culture and values associated with transparency, quality and sustainability contributes to the sustainable development of EPAL and its suppliers and service providers, creating value for both parties, specifically with regard to improving the living conditions of their workers, and so creating a positive impact on the community in terms of the population’s public health and on the environment, by both providing water for human consumption and treating waste water.

In this context, EPAL has incorporated reference to the Guide for Suppliers and the Code of Good Hygiene Practice in the EPAL Supply System into the contract clauses inherent in public procurement and, consequently, in contracts to be entered into.

In these documents, the clause referring to the “main obligations of the contractor” explicitly states the need to “… comply with and enforce, among all their staff concerned with the provision of services, the provisions contained in the Management Policy, the Guide for Suppliers and the Code of Good Hygiene Practices in EPAL’s Supply System, in force at EPAL, SA, which are constantly updated and available for consultation on the website", and is applicable to contracted entities, their workers and subcontractors, covered by the contracts. 

Thus, a contractor, when entering into a contract with EPAL, undertakes to comply with the applicable part of the Management Policy, the Guide for Suppliers and the Code of Good Hygiene Practices in EPAL’s Supply System.

Suppliers and other Stakeholders should also consider the provisions of the Serious Accident Prevention Policy involving hazardous substances in Asseiceira WTP, if the supply of goods and/or services occurs in this facility.

In this context and in compliance with the provisions of Article 30 (1) of Decree-Law 150/2015 of 5th August, EPAL, through its website, informs its Suppliers and other Stakeholders of the obligations to be fulfilled by operators of establishments covered by the serious accident prevention scheme involving dangerous substances - See here

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