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EPAL's water is more and more transparent - See the water quality on your mobile phone

May 17, 2021


The H2O Quality app is an easy and innovative way to check the quality of EPAL’s water, both from your home and in the streets of the beautiful city of Lisbon. You can do this via your mobile phone with access to GPS and the Internet.

With H2O Quality, you can access detailed information about the water’s characteristics, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, colour, hardness, pH and chlorine, among others. Water goes through several treatment processes before it reaches your home, and through this application you can find out more about water collection, transport, treatment, quality control, the distribution network and home networks.

Everyone can access this application, both those who live in Lisbon and those who are visiting the capital.

In addition to these features, you can find out where you can buy your Fill Forever, a 100% ecological and environmentally friendly bottle created by EPAL, as well as locating the nearest the drinking fountain to fill your eco-friendly bottle.

With this application, Lisbon is recognised as the first capital in the world where it is possible to find out about water quality easily and quickly! Here you will also find other EPAL applications such as myAQUA and the WATER Museum.

Install the app on your phone and, while you are out strolling or at home working or walking your dog, you can enjoy all the features of H2O Quality. It is so easy to use!

H2O Quality is free and available in Portuguese and English for Android and iOS.

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