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myAQUA® is a free application for smartphones that allows the Customer to check and manage their contract data, send in readings in accordance with their preferences, check water bills and much more. It allows the Customer to access more than one contract, allowing information relating to several supply locations to be checked and managed in a simple, convenient way and with a single access code.

This application is available for Android phones (version 4.0 or higher) and iPhones (version iOS 7.0 or higher).
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What can it do

Contract management
  • Alter/update contract data (contacts, Tax number, no. of residents)
Meter reading
  • Send in readings, with on-line validation
  • Check the date of the last reading made by the Company and by the Customer
  • Receive alerts about sending in the reading, with it being possible to customise the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
Interruptions in the supply of water
  • Advice of interruptions in the supply that affect the Customer’s supply location, with the estimated time of the restoration of the supply
  • Check if there are bills outstanding (bills and credit notes)
  • Access payment methods
  • Sign up to the e-Water Bill, with bills being sent by email
  • Sign up to a SEPA Direct Debit
  • Sign up to/access waterbeep®, the service that allows the Customer to track their water consumption
Reporting Faults
  • Report problems related to water quality, water pressure, water leaks, interruptions in the water supply, bursts in the street, among others
How to sign up | Just go to your mobile phone’s app store and install myAQUA®.

To enter the application it is necessary to register with the following data:
  • Entity Code
  • Tax number
  • Email to which the log-in details will be sent

If you are already registered with the EPALnet service, you can enter myAQUA using the same access codes.


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