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H2O Quality_The new EPAL app

Aug 27, 2019

EPAL has launched an innovative App making Lisbon the first capital in the world where it is possible to check the water quality of the public network where the person actually is, based on georeferencing and in real time.FB_H2OQ_2019_eng

 The H2O Quality app is EPAL's latest innovation, a first in the entire water industry worldwide. This App, which works by georeferencing, allows any citizen or tourist to check the water quality at their location, free of charge, with information updated daily in Portuguese and English.

For the first time in the history of the water sector worldwide, there is an application that makes water quality information available to anyone through georeferencing. This application has a name - H2O Quality - and was created by EPAL. From today, you can find out about the quality of the water where you are, or even in another area of Lisbon. The H2O Quality app also lets you find and tells you the best way to reach the nearest drinking fountain or where to buy your Fill Forever, EPAL's 100% eco-friendly reusable bottle, and fill it with tap water.
With this innovation, EPAL positions Lisbon as the first city in the world where the transparency of this information is accessible to everyone, which is a differentiating factor among the main world tourist destinations, demonstrating EPAL's confidence in the work done every day to ensure the distribution of safe and excellent quality water to about 3 million people.

Why develop an application about water quality in Lisbon?

In compliance with Law no. 41/2018 of 8thAugust, EPAL now includes water quality information in its invoices, giving its customers more confidence in tap water. This information is only made available to customers and the data refers to the previous quarter, as defined by current legislation.
With this in mind, and in order to broaden the dissemination of this information to the entire population and to tourists, enhancing transparency and trust, EPAL has developed H2O Quality, a georeferencing application that will allow all users to access the results of water quality in the specific location where they are, with data available online, thus making access to daily instead of just quarterly information possible.

What information can we access through the H2O Quality App?

At any time and from anywhere, the user can access H2O Quality and find out about the quality of the water being distributed at that specific location, with information on the parameters, namely calcium, magnesium, chlorine, colour, hardness, pH, among others, which you can consult in detail by viewing the results and parametric values. If you want to check the water quality at another location in Lisbon, just use the application's search engine and enter the desired address.

 With this free application, on the map you can also see the location of drinking fountains near where you are to fill your reusable bottle and take EPAL water with you. You can even find out where you can buy Fill Forever, the 100% eco-friendly EPAL reusable bottle, to later fill it with tap water, the most sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

In addition, more detailed information about EPAL's water sources, various treatment phases and water quality control is available for consultation.

Through H2O Quality, it is also possible to access other EPAL applications: myAQUA, which allows customers to manage their contract data, and the Water Museum app, which provides more information about their cultural spaces.

H2O Quality, your water guide in Lisbon! Download now and get to know the new EPAL app 



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