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Is the commercial management system designed and used by EPAL – Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, SA, since 1996. The main function of the system is to improve the management model of the utility through an integrated approach to commercial and technical management, supported by information systems that guarantee an increase in efficiency and effectiveness.

With a 30% share of the national market, AQUAmatrix® is a 100% EPAL product, Commercialized for over a decade in Portugal and Mozambique, covering around 1,600,000 customers.

Who is the target?

Water, Sewage and Solid Waste Management Utilities. The system has benefitted from constant development, especially with mobility functions and improvements in its strategic, operational and tactical information.

Differentiating Factors

Operational Factors
  • 360° view
  • Modular and adaptable to management development
  • Management control through activity and performance indicators
Technical Factors
  • Integrated mobility e.g. PDAs
  • Interface integration (ERP, GIS, asset management, telemetry, etc.)
  • Customisable solution, with total flexibility of parameter setting
  • Electronic document filing
Support Factors
  • Extensive knowledge of the business
  • Proven experience in 40 national and international companies in the sector


Infrastructure management | Guarantees monitoring and process execution related to
  • Building networks projects and construction developments
  • Life-cycle management of the water meter stock
  • And recording of all locations of water supply and/or billing of sewage
  • And/or municipal solid waste
Customer support | Ensures the proper management of customer relations in all its elements.

Readings, Billing and Payments
  • Allows management of back-office tasks
  • Ensures operational activity control in a simplified way allowing the managing utility to focus on higher value activities for the customer
Management and Performance Indicators | Provides operational indicators that can be consulted through parameters and time intervals. Based on a web portal, the system also provides indicators that permit strategic management and measurement of utility performance.

Interfaces | The diverse number of systems used by utilities are capable of integration or of interface, via parameterization or common attributes, maximising process quality and efficiency.

Remote Solutions
  • Digital Counter and myAQUA® app for smartphones
  • Mobility of Connection and Inspection Processes
  • Mobility of Meter Reading and Support Services

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