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Siza Bottle -  Lisbon Soul by EPAL



EPAL has just launched the Siza Bottle - Lisbon Soul. A bottle with the signature of Álvaro Siza Vieira and another EPAL creation that is intended to affirm the excellence of Lisbon’s tap water through an absolutely exclusive work of art. 

The result of a partnership between EPAL – Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, S.A. and AHP – Associação da Hotelaria de Portugal (Portuguese Hoteliers’ Association), the Siza Bottle is to be revealed jointly with Lisbon Tourist Office, the city today being one of the most desirable destinations and where water from the public network reaches exemplary levels of quality, meeting the most demanding national and international quality standards.

G. siza

For its part, the AHP, in support of ongoing work to promote sustainability in Tourism and Hotel Management, identifies in this partnership an important contribution to the sustainable development of Lisbon as a tourist destination. Which makes even more sense in 2017, with it being the International Year of Sustainable Tourism.
The Siza signature bottle is intended to affirm the excellence of Lisbon’s tap water through an absolutely exclusive work of art, conceived by the prestigious Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.  Produced in glass by a glassmaker of national reference, the Depósito da Marinha Grande, with around 920 grams in weight, 22 centimetres high and a capacity of 0.65 litres, the bottle represents an option of prestige and sustainability and comes in a wooden box, also made in our Country (promoting Portuguese raw-materials and products), signed by the same artist. 

This piece is characterised by distinct geometric contours, inspired by the unique architectural heritage of the capital, in particular one of its most emblematic monuments – St George’s Castle – positioning it as an iconic piece, under a captivating narrative, rooted in the legend of the construction of a city which is said to have existed in the western extremity of Europe, a place called Ofiusa – the Land of Serpents – ruled by a Queen, half woman, half snake, escorted by an army of snakes that poisoned whoever dared to dispute the throne. 

One day, at the mouth of the Tagus, came Ulysses’ armada. Having won the Trojan War, the Greek hero roamed the seas in search of new worlds and challenges. 

On discovering that cove blessed by the light, there he wanted to found the most beautiful city in the world and he called it Ulysses. 

Construction was advancing during the day, but as night fell, the hissing of the serpents foreshadowed a terrible dawn: one by one, Ulysses’ soldiers fell, poisoned. 

Desperate, the hero climbed the highest hill in the city and shouted at the enemy to show themselves. 

The serpent-woman then emerged from behind a cliff and ordered him to leave. In vain. Greater than fear was the beauty of the Queen; stronger than the order, the admiration for the bravery of the foreigner. Ulisseia was born.

For days and nights, houses, palaces, fountains, streets and gardens were built. 

One day, Ulysses left again. Furious, the Queen crossed the city to the river, drawing grooves of the seven hills with the serpent’s body. But the hero departed, leaving only the name, later called Olisipo by the Romans, Lissabona by the Arabs, Lisbon over time. 

The Tower of Ulysses remains as a sentinel in St George’s Castle, there, where visitors today search the horizon for the missing hero. 

The Siza Bottle evokes, in singular lines, the heritage and the legend. More than just a beautiful way to drink the best water in Lisbon, this work of art is a new journey. Unforgettable.
With the launch of the Siza Bottle – Lisbon Soul, EPAL intends to promote the excellence of the quality of Lisbon’s tap water, thus encouraging the consumption of this essential-for-life good. 

The Siza Bottle – Lisbon Soul by EPAL can be acquired in the Museu da Água da EPAL (EPAL Water Museum), at Rua do Alviela, 12, in Mãe d'Água das Amoreiras, at Praça das Amoreiras, 10, in EPAL Shops – Head Office Building and Loja do Cidadão (Citizens’ Shop) (Laranjeiras) – in participating hotels associated with AHP (available shortly) and also on-line, through the platform dedicated to the sale of sustainable products, at a cost of 70.00 Euros (seventy Euros).   



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