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Souto Moura Bottle - Alma Mater


Alma Mater is EPAL's new water bottle.

The Mother Creator, the Mother who Nourishes, a bottle that suggests Mother Nature and everything she gives us and that allows us to continue our journey through this magnificent passage that is life.

garrafa souto moura

This signature piece by Eduardo Souto Moura, one of today’s most distinguished architects, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize has a circular design and is also made up of countless rings which come together to create an exclusive piece, minimalist in design, but grandiose in its mission to receive tap water.

Alma Mater

Its rings represent the circular concept that we see in everything around us. 

The water cycle, the cycle of life, the transformation that everything goes through to ensure continuity. It is this circularity that we must also embrace in everything we do. Only with this will it be possible to continue to enjoy the gifts of nature which, being finite, must be respected and used conscientiously.

Alma Mater, produced by Depósito da Marinha Grande, a reference brand in our country, is made of glass, a raw material that shapes a harmonious and unique bottle, an authorial object that is always with us.



 . Weight | 0,650 kg
 . Capacity | 0,56 litros 
 . Dimensions| 21 cm high

Price | 70 euros

Where to buy it
 . EPAL Water Museum | Rua do Alviela, 12, Lisboa
 . Mãe d'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir | Praça das Amoreiras, 10, Lisboa
 . Águas Livres Aqueduct | Calçada da Quintinha 6, Lisboa
 . EPAL Shops - Head Office building and One Stop Shop (Laranjeiras) 


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