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Customer Service

Customer contact

  • How can I contact EPAL?

Security deposit

  • Why doesn't EPAL return initial securities as established in DL No. 100/07?

Water supply contract

  • What do I need for the Water Supply Contract?

  • How do I terminate the contract?


  • What is the Water Bill?

  • What is the tariff in force?

  • How is water consumption billed?

  • What is estimate of consumption?

  • What is the Service Charge?

  • What is the Sewerage Charge and Lisbon City Council Supplement?

  • How do I pay the Water Bill?

  • How do I sign up to Direct Debit - SEPA?

  • What will happen in the case of a late Water Bill payment?

e-water bill

Meter reading

  • How do you read the meter?

  • When does EPAL read the meter?

  • How do I communicate a meter reading?

what to do in the event of ...

  • What do I do in the case of water leakage?

  • What do I do if there is no water?

  • What do I do if there is little pressure?


home assistance services

  • What is the schedule of the emergency personnel?

  • What household repair services does EPAL carry out?


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