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Means of payment
EPAL has at your disposal various forms of payment of your Water Bill.


Very quick and simple!

Log into to EPALnet, EPAL's digital customer service counter, and go to the “Outstanding Bills” page.
Select the option MB Way and enter the associated mobile phone number.
Then just confirm the payment on the MB Way app.

This new EPALnet feature makes it easier to pay your water bills, and you can do it at any time!

EPAL also offers you other payment methods.

2. SEPA Direct Debit

Save time. Pay your Water Bill through your bank.

Only advantages to you in joining!

  • This allows you to manage the payment of your Water Bill with greater flexibility and autonomy, as you can activate, alter and cancel the debit authorisation in your bank account
  • EPAL makes no charge for selecting this form of payment
  • The Water Bill is sent with sufficient time prior to the date on which it is debited from your bank account
  • Avoid wasting time, unnecessary visits and possible water cuts caused by forgetting the payment deadline
You can join through:
  • EPAL site | Just complete the form and indicate your account number - IBAN
  • Customer Help Line | It is necessary to indicate your name, Customer code an account number - IBAN

3. ATM

You just need to select the option "Payment of services" and, using the data mentioned on your Water Bill, complete the following fields:

REFERENCE | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
AMOUNT | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Keep your payment slip as this acts as proof of payment.

4. CTT Outlets

Throughout the country.

5. PayShop

These are in traditional shops and supermarkets throughout the country (close to where you live) and have longer opening hours. For more information consult the site

6. Cheque

Attach the Water Bill slip to your cheque and send it to EPAL or indicate your Customer Code and the water Account number(s) to be paid.

7. EPAL shops

Head Office
"Loja do Cidadão" (Laranjeiras)


If the payment date has been passed and after sending a specific warning, EPAL will have to consider the suspension of the supply until the situation is regularized. In this case, payment of the Water Bill will be possible by news ATM references. For more information contact us on the Customer Help Line.

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