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Termination of contract
You must give EPAL at least three days’ notice of your intention to terminate the contract.

You can terminate the contract via the EPAL site, at EPAL shops or by letter or fax, stating:
  • Meter reading
  • Date and the address of the place for which you want to terminate the contract and have the water cut off
  • Customer’s name and Customer number
  • Address to which the final Water Bill (or credit note) should be sent
In the case of companies, notice to terminate the contract must always be given in writing.

If you move home and fail to inform EPAL, you will continue to be responsible for the bills at the old address.


The customer must be present at the address on the termination date. If the water cannot be cut off because we are unable to gain access to the address, the termination will not be valid and the customer will continue to be responsible for the bills at that address.

Form for termination of contract

Fields marked with the * symbol are mandatory.

Customer Data

Enter all of the digits, including the zero(s) to the left
Collective persons may only cancel in writing

Cancelation date

Should be notified within a minimum of 3 days advance notice.

Reason for cancellation

Place of Supply

Meter Reading

If the meter has already been installed indicate the reading in this field. To clarify any doubts you may have consult the chapter How to read the meter.

Address to send Water Bill

If different from the supply address.
Attach files
Use this space to attach files that you consider relevant (up to 2MB)

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