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essential guide services
Get to know your bill
  1. Document number (invoice/credit note), billing period and date of issue
  2. Name and address where Water Bill is sent
  3. Number of Customer Account for payment of document (invoice/credit note)
  4. Customer identification and place of supply
  5. Customer code, taxpayer number and class/type of bill
  6. Description of meter readings (previous and current), consumption and type of billing (real and/or estimated consumption)
  7. Water Bills
    • Billed water | Varies according to the scale of charges and type of consumption
    • Service charge | A variable monthly figure depending on the calibre of the meter installed (15mm, 20mm, etc) and the type of consumption (domestic or non domestic) which pays for the cost of providing access to the direct water service. In other words, a sum intended to compensate EPAL for the relative costs of the construction, maintenance and amplification of the necessary infrastructures and providing the water supply service
  8. Third Party Bills
    • Lisbon City Council Supplement (CML) | A figure calculated on the number of cubic meters of water charged to compensate for collective municipal consumption considered to be in the general interest of the public (street washing, watering gardens, etc)
    • Sewerage charge (CML) | The figure includes a fixed and variable amount calculated on the number of cubic meters of water charge which is to pay for services provided by the CML in the conservation and treatment of sewage and waste water
    • Water Extraction Tax | A figure calculated on the number of cubic meters of water charged to support the Administração da Região Hidrográfica do Tejo, I.P. (Administration of the Tagus Hydrographic Region) and the Instituto da Agua, IP (INAG) (Water Institute) in the financing of activities aimed at the management and protection of water resources
  9. Services provided | Description of services carried out by EPAL
  10. Total amount due (invoice/credit note)
  11. Addicional Messages
  12. EPAL contact numbers

    Summary of Document and Customer Account
  13. Customer Messages
  14. Summary of document (invoice/credit note) | Describes the amounts referring to water bills, CML bills, services provided, and VAT and shows the total amount due. This document is shown in detail on the other side
  15. Time limit for reporting meter readings on the 800 201 101 (toll-free line)
  16. Customer Account | Describes the documents outstanding (invoices and/or credit notes) on the date the water Bill was issued
  17. Total amount payable/receivable
  18. Time limit for payment/reception
  19. Last reading made and charged by EPAL
  20. Date of next meter reading
  21. Detachable bill payment stub regarding type of payment of the Customer Account (in the case of an invoice)

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