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Sustainability / Corporate Responsibility
In 2008 EPAL subscribed to the United Nations Global Compact, as it is aware of its activity to contribute to the quality of life of the society in which it is integrated and the social responsibility. The company is committed to improving the conditions of access to water for human consumption and improving its safeguarding, protection and sustainable management in the present in order to develop the future.

For such the Águas de Portugal group has a Sustainability Strategy, based on the concept of symbiosis and it promotes the principles of sustainable development specific to its activity.

EPAL has taken on the following sustainable development principles:
  1. Economic and Social Value of the Service
    To provide the essential service of safe public water supply for human consumption, quality, reliably and at an appropriate price, envisaging a fair return
  2. Ecoefficiency and Environmental Protection
    To promote the protection, conservation and efficient use of water in its catchment area of intervention, in all the water life cycle stages, from the production of water to its use and discharge by customers
  3. People Protection and Development
    To promote the integrity, trust and transparency in its way of engaging with internal stakeholders (employees, suppliers and service providers) and external stakeholders (customers, government bodies, society), promoting a safe and healthy work environment through the development of skills, jobs and equal opportunities
  4. Society’s engagement in Sustainable Water Management
    To take on an active and visible role in the society in which it is integrated, fostering and promoting rational management water policies with stakeholders and, insofar as possible, with the international community
  5. Innovation and Development
    To set alliances for learning and foster the engagement of the scientific community in order to ensure innovation, development, the exchange and availability of knowledge and the best practices for the rational and sustainable use of water

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