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What is it

waterbeep® is an innovative service in Portugal through which it is possible to give customers information about their water consumption, allowing them to optimise the use of water in their homes or businesses.

This service also includes alerts, sent by text message and/or email, warning of abnormal water consumption and even possible bursts, therefore allowing the customer to minimise losses and unnecessary use of water.

What can it do

waterbeep® has four options, with different levels of detail in the information, allowing customers to select the one that best suits their needs.

In September 2018, EPAL launched waterbeep local, designed specifically to support Water Management Entities and Municipalities in Portugal or abroad, helping to detect atypical situations of water leakage, allowing to minimize consumption and eliminate waste of this resource with significant economic and environmental impact.


The waterbeep® plus, pro, premium and local options allow the sending of alerts to customers,  Water Management Entities and Municipalities the following occur:
  • Significant deviations from the usual pattern of water consumption
  • Incidences of continuous water consumption during an extended period of time, which may be a sign of bursts or open/broken equipment
Alerts parameters are pre-defined by the Water Management Entity specifically for each location, and can be customised by the customer, Water Management Entities and Municipalities at any time.


What you can do waterbeep home
waterbeep plus
waterbeep pro
waterbeep premium
Check the billed water consumption in recent months

Discover the average daily consumption per person and compare it with the typical Lisbon figures

Meter reading Read by the Customer, with online validation
Read automatically via telemetry Read automatically via telemetry
Read automatically via telemetry

 Read automatically via telemetry
Graphically track the evolution of readings made in the last 30 days

See the evolution of the consumption over the choice of the customer

Check the water consumption in the last 30 days and in seven days

See the water consumption for the previous day, with data available for every 15 minutes

Receive consumption alerts

Receive water consumption information in a customised file


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