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It is essential for EPAL to establish a relationship of trust with its suppliers, encouraging them to adopt commitments and sustainable practices, as well as standards of quality and integrity, identical to those recommended and practised by EPAL, creating value for both parties.

This interdependence has several positive impacts, for both their employees and the community, highlighting the health of the population covered by the supply of drinking water and treatment of wastewater, environmental and energy performance and health and safety at work.

For this reason, the Guide and the Code of Conduct for suppliers were developed, and these apply to any contractual relationship with EPAL:

Guide for Suppliers - establishes a set of rules and requirements related to the Corporate Responsibility System, to be complied with by suppliers to ensure compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements

Code of Conduct for Suppliers – presents various commitments and good practices that must be adopted by suppliers in carrying out their tasks and activities and in the contractual relationship with EPAL.

 Support documents:

External Policy for the Protection of Personal Data – defines the processing carried out on personal data by EPAL, the commitments and principles for the privacy and protection of this data and the respective holders external to the company.

Management Policy – defines a set of commitments undertaken by EPAL within the scope of the Corporate Responsibility System, aimed at continuous improvement in the Organisation's performance.

Information Security Policy – defines a set of commitments and strategic guidelines associated with information security, aimed at the continuous improvement of this management system.

Code of Good Hygiene Practices in EPAL's Supply System - defines the hygiene principles and practices to be applied in works to be carried out on supply system infrastructures and operational assets, so as not to jeopardise the quality of water for human consumption

Policy for the Prevention of Major Accidents involving hazardous substances at the Asseiceira Water Treatment Plant - must be taken into consideration and complied with as applicable if the supply of goods and/or services takes place at this facility.

Within the scope of the Prevention of Major Accidents and in compliance with the provisions of No. 1, Article 30 of Decree-Law No. 150/2015 of 5th August, EPAL, through its website, informs its suppliers and other stakeholders of the obligations to be met by the operators of establishments covered by the prevention of major accidents involving hazardous substances - See here
These documents are constantly updated and available for consultation on the EPAL website.


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