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In the last few years EPAL has led innovation in the sector by presenting pioneering solutions that have contributed towards enhancing performance on several levels, among which we highlight the WONE® system for controlling losses in the network.

Implementing this system allowed for 24/7 monitoring of the network and the detection of the most minute non-visible loss and prioritisation of the interventions carried out in the distribution network. This combats losses in the system. At the moment, Lisbon, at 7.9%, is in the top ranking of the most efficient cities in the world, above Tokyo, as well as New York, Paris, London or Rome.

This system’s excellence has been recognised at national and international level, namely with the award of a few distinctions, such as the Green Project Awards, a Gold Tube at ENEG, and the WEX Global – “Water and Energy Exchange”.

Our technicians have been developing other products and services that represent innovative solutions, incorporated in our management, and which have also been sold to other water management bodies, thereby showcasing our capacity to share solutions towards a more efficient sector. Examples of this are AQUAmatrix®, the customer management system for the water sector, waterbeep®, a service to control water consumption for domestic and corporate customers, helping them to become more efficient, and, more recently, Billmeter®, an active control methodology for meter error losses.

WONE® and waterbeep® were recently part of the Smart Cities Portugal Roadmap that was presented two months ago in Amsterdam at the Smart City Event organised by INTELI-Inteligência em Inovação. The goal of this initiative was to present at international level smart services, products and solutions by companies and research centres.

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