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Historical Archive
The documentation contained in the historical archive refers mainly to the 19th and 20th centuries and mostly bears witness to the operations of the Companhia das Águas de Lisboa (CAL) and the Águas de Lisboa Oversight Committee (CFAL).

From the perspective of the Archive’s organisation, especially concerning the administrative and technical documents, a functional division was chosen, that is, one by function: human resources, accounting, water supply, and other issues.

Different criteria were followed for photographs, depending on the document sources: for CAL, the photographs were described individually and were sometimes included in reports or themed sets. In the case of EPAL, the photographs were described in reports, organised by year, or in themed sets.

The library covers the same topics and years as the archive. We can highlight from its collection the publications edited by CAL/EPAL and the great diversity of the technical titles, national and foreign, that were the support basis for the company’s activity.

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