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Cultural Visits and Guided Tours
The Water Museum offers the public a wide range of themed guided tours that must be booked in advance, which, in addition to the permanent collections, allows visitors to get to know the whole associated heritage that is represented by a series of monuments and buildings built between the 18th and 19th centuries. These monuments and buildings represent an important chapter of the history of the supply of water to the city of Lisbon.

Guided tours for adult audiences

Advance booking

General Public (max 10 people per group)

Tours of the Museum’s permanent collection and temporary exhibitions, including also the associated heritage (Águas Livres Aqueduct, Mãe d’Água Reservoir, Patriarcal Reservoir, Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station and Loreto Gallery). These tours provide room for discussion, debate and learning based on the tour itineraries chosen by the group and the choice of theme to be addressed. The tours take place all year round and must be booked in advance.

Tours for organised groups (max 10 people per group)

General or themed tours for organised groups, that seek to respond to different types of interest and specific requests in either Portuguese or a foreign language.

Guided tours for Schools

Advance booking

Tour of the permanent collection

Tours that take off from the Water Museum’s permanent collection, seeking to travel along different paths (chronological or otherwise), addressing some important issues pertaining to the Museum’s theme – The Water.

Tours of the associated Heritage

A series of tours around specific themes and/or other Museum centres, seeking to respond to some of the needs that schools have during the school year, enabling an inter-disciplinary crossing whenever possible. Guided tours are available for the Águas Livres Aqueduct, the Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras Reservoir, the Patriarcal Reservoir and the Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station.

Cultural Tours

Advance booking

From the Patriarcal to the Mãe d'Água Fountain to Praça da Alegria 

Together with wine cellar "Chafariz do Vinho", installed in the Mãe d'Água Fountain, the Water Museum has readopted a trip that takes visitors through the underground galleries of the city, from the Patriarcal Reservoir (Príncipe Real) to wine cellar "Chafariz do Vinho" (Praça da Alegria). 

Path on Foot – From the Aqueduct to the gardens at Palácio Marquês de Fronteira

Starting from the Águas Livres Aqueduct and Calçada da Quintinha, the path on foot to the gardens at Palácio Marquês da Fronteira in S. Domingos de Benfica intends to create a symbiosis between the Ecological Heritage and the Historical and Cultural Heritage.

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