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Water meter and flow control device maintenance

Measure to Act

Through the thorough knowledge of the water volume and flow throughout the transport and distribution system, we can act in areas as different as these:
  • The management and monitoring of the use of water resources
  • The management of the water transported in the transport and supply system
  • The detection and prevention of leakages in the water system
  • The billing of distributed water
  • The control and dosing of water consumption in production processes

Act to Measure

In following with the practice adopted by Companhia das Águas de Lisboa since it was founded in 1868, EPAL – Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, SA ensures the management and maintenance of its water meters and flow meters, which currently stand at around 350,000.

Having inherited this know-how, the METERS Laboratory Area combines competences in the areas of measuring, managing the units, planning and maintenance, repair, metrological control and calibration of the cold-water mechanical meters and the electromagnetic flow meters.


  • 1994 | Water meter metrological verification body - View PDF »
  • 1994 | Accredited Laboratory for testing cold-water meters (DN 15 a DN 350) - View PDF »
  •  Accredited Laboratory for calibrating cold-water meters and electromagnetic flow meters (DN 15 a DN 350) - View PDF »

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