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Inspection System


EPAL has developed a Management System for its infrastructures using a methodology for assessing and monitoring the physical condition of construction assets throughout their useful lives (reservoirs, pipes, pumping stations, etc.) through systematic, periodic Inspections.


  • Ensuring reliability and safety in exploration of assets
  • Ensure adequate levels of service to clients
  • Maximize life cycle of assets
  • Minimize the cost of maintenance/investment along the life cycle of assets


For this, EPAL currently has a technical team of professionals with expertise in performing Inspections of infrastructures who can cooperate with and support water utilities that possess assets to be managed in implementing such a System through the following activities:

  • Analysis of existing information and preparation and implementation of technical inventory
  • Carrying out technical inspections of assets
  • Drafting of inspection reports
  • Definition, valuation and specification, for contract purposes, of repair/maintenance works
  • Support for decision-making through the production of critical information to enable investments to be selected, prioritised and scheduled logically



The assessment performed and the results obtained through inspections on assets meet the legal requirements of Decree-Law no. 195/2009, of 20th August, which establishes a duty on the part of concessionaires of multi-municipal systems for capturing, treating and supplying water for human consumption, to “send a technical report on functional fitness, safety, state of repair of the main infrastructures and equipment necessary for the sustainable  provision of services, to the granting authority and the regulatory authority every five years, highlighting the priorities for rehabilitation or replacement and their respective scheduling,”.

This is one of the activities covered by EPAL's quality management system, which is certified according to NP EN ISO 9001 (certificate No. 2003 / CEP.1918 / 1)


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