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Remuneration Policy
The remuneration policy of the members of EPAL’s corporate bodies, as well as the respective remuneration scheme, is governed by the legal regime of the state corporate sector, approved by Decree-Law no. 133/2013 of 03 October, Council of Ministers Resolution no. 49/2007 of 28 March, which approved the principles of good corporate governance of state corporate sector enterprises and of the public manager statutes approved by Decree-Law no. 71/2007 of 27 March.

The remuneration policy of the Águas de Portugal group companies’ corporate bodies rigorously follows that set forth in the various laws and recommendations on this matter, namely with regard to: the definition of company categories for the purpose of remuneration of the respective corporate bodies, given their size, complexity and development status; the management agreements with all the managers of the group’s companies, under the conditions required by the public manager statutes; the disclosure in the annual reports of remuneration and other benefits enjoyed by the members of the Águas de Portugal and invested companies’ corporate bodies.

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