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EPAL’s activity is geared towards the collection, production, transport and distribution of water for human consumption / drinking water.

In addition to providing the services inherent in water supply, namely customer service and home assistance, the company also offers laboratory analysis and control services, meter monitoring and repair and monitoring of the distribution networks. EPAL also markets a commercial information and management system called AQUAmatrix®, which is aimed at companies that manage water, sewerage and solid waste, as well as a system to reduce water loss called WONE®, and an information and water use efficiency incentive service called waterbeep®.

EPAL’s market in providing water supply services encompasses an area of 7,095 km2, with 354,281 direct customers in the Lisbon municipality, 17 municipal clients and 2 multi-municipal clients which overall represent 35 municipalities, covering approximately 2.8 million consumers.

Its catchment area and the number of consumers served represent an annual water collection of 219.5 million m3, turnover of around EUR 151 million and the company has 1020 employees. EPAL is the largest national company in the water supply sector and the largest in the Grupo Águas de Portugal.

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