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Lack of Water

If you receive notice of interruption of the water supply, we advise you to calculate the amount of water you will need for the period of time affected.

If you have not received prior notice, as soon as you realise you have no water:
  • Make sure all the taps in your home are fully turned off
  • Unplug all electrical appliances that use water (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.)
To find out the estimated time when the water supply will be restored, phone the Water Cuts Line.

If you discover there is no interruption of the water supply in your area, you should:
  • Ascertain whether the interruption of supply affects the entire building or only your flat
  • Check that the stopcocks next to the meter are in the open position (to open, turn them anti-clockwise)
If you still without water after trying these steps, contact us via the Customer Service Line to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Water Pressure Problems

If you notice that the water pressure is low or irregular, contact us via the Customer Service Line.

In most cases, poor water pressure is associated with the aging condition of the plumbing in the building, which reduces its correct operation.

Domestic plumbing should receive periodic maintenance. EPAL advises that older plumbing, especially galvanized iron or lead piping, should be replaced.

Water Leaks

A leaking tap or toilet cistern can lead to significant waste of water, losing on average:
  • 2 m3 per month | Drop by drop
  • 10 m3 per month | With a 2 mm trickle of water
  • 100 m3 per month | With a 6 mm trickle of water
Wasted water represents increased cost to the customer, so when you suspect water loss:
  1. Turn off all the taps in your home, but leave the stopcock open
  2. If the red pointer or cylinder (litres and decilitres) moves, this is because there is loss of water from the taps, the toilet or a hidden leak
If you detect a visible crack or leak in water pipes or taps, close the stopcock immediately and arrange for it to be repaired.

When a repair requires the landing stopcock or mains shut-off valve to be closed, contact us via the Customer Service Line, as only EPAL is legally authorised to do so.

If you are unable to stop the water leak, contact EPAL via the Customer Service Line or, in an emergency, you can also call the Fire Brigade on +351 213 422 222.

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