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New contract

Information required for setting up the contract

There is no cost to the customer for setting up the water supply contract. The following information is essential:

Proof of Identity
  • Identity Card, Citizen's Card, Passport or Driving License
  • Taxpayer Card
Meter reading
If the location has a meter installed, it is mandatory to provide the reading, preferably by photograph.

Customer's Signature
The contract may be signed by the customer or his representative or a person with power of attorney.

Proof of Occupant Identity
Presentation of the following documents:

  • Rental Agreement, Lease Deed, Freelease Agreement, Property Title Certificate, Deed of Sale and Purchase, Contract Commitment of Sale and Purchase or Conveyance of Business Lease, in which case, it is necessary to indicate the Land Registry Article and the fraction
  • Owner Identification (Name and Tax Number)

SEPA Direct Debit
To choose this method of payment you need to indicate your bank account number - IBAN - and sign the "SEPA Direct Debit Mandate" provided at the time of signature of the contract.

Family Water Tarif
To take advantage of this tariff designed for families of 5 or more persons, you must present your annual income tax return or the Large Family Card.

Social Water Tariff


The water supply contract is valid from the date of signature.

Updating the contract

To help us provide efficient and personalised service, please keep your details up to date:
  • Contract holder's name
  • Taxpayer number
  • Number of members of the household and type of use (residential, commercial, etc.)
  • Contacts (telephone, fax, email)
  • Best time to contact you
  • Address for delivery of the Water Bill and other correspondence
Thank you for your cooperation. You can contact us via the EPAL site, Customer Service Line, "Chat", EPAL shops, or by letter or fax.

Form for signing the contract

Fields marked with the * symbol are mandatory.

Personal Data

(9 figures)
To calculate the average consumption

Contact for matters related with the Contract

In your own interest, fill in these fields.

Address of the place to be supplied

If the location is not in the city of Lisbon must contact the company to supply its area.


(9 figures)

Visit to the Location

It may be necessary to visit the location to place the meter, make a reading or open the water and make a reading.

Meter Reading

If the meter has already been installed indicate the reading in this field. To clarify any doubts you may have consult the chapter How to read the meter.

Form of Payment

Select your preference *

How to receive your Water Bill

Select your preference *

Address to which the Contract should be sent

If different from the supply address.
Use this space to describe all the information you consider necessary
Note: The contract may not be considered valid if any technical information prevents the celebration of the contract or if the data presented is not verified.
Attach files
Use this space to attach files that you consider relevant (up to 2MB)

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