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The diagram of responsibilities shows the technical description of the plumbing and water supply devices, together with the responsibility for their maintenance.

Responsibility of the Owner/Tenant

1. Building Domestic Water Supply System

Plumbing and user devices (e.g. taps and toilet cistern) located inside the home.

2. Meter

A | Installation in Individual Housing
B | Installation in Communal Cupboard

The place where the meter or series of meters are installed also includes the related connecting plumbing and the stopcocks (cut-off valves).

3. Domestic Supply

Piping between the building rising main and the individual home.

4. Stopcocks

A | Landing Stopcock (lever valve): controls the water supply to the home and must be accessible and able to be operated by EPAL
B | Stopcock: valve that controls the water supply to the home

5. Rising Main

A | Building Rising Main: supplies several homes
B | Individual Rising Main: supplies only one home

Vertical or horizontal piping in a building from which the domestic supplies branch off.


The piping and user devices of the domestic water supply system are the responsibility of the property's owner or tenant. They are responsible for their maintenance with a view to preventing leaks and water quality problems in the building domestic water supply system.

Responsibility of the Fire Brigade

1. Hydrant Gate Valve or Fire Hydrant

Device that acts as a water outlet for use in case of fire.

2. Mains water supply to Fire Hydrant

The responsibility for maintaining Hydrant Gate Valves and/or Fire Hydrants lies with the Fire Brigade on behalf of Lisbon City Council.

Responsibilities of EPAL (maintenance)

1. Mains Connection

Pipe connecting the General Water Main to the building supply system serving a property, or to Hydrant Gate Valves and Fire Hydrants.

2. Mains Shut-Off Valve

Valve that regulates the water supply to the building, which should be accessible and able to be operated by EPAL.

3. EPAL Water Main

System of pipes, devices and equipment installed in the public highway.

Please Note | EPAL's responsibility ends at the connection point (the meeting point between the EPAL Water Main and the Building Supply System which should coincide with the property boundary. In the case of common entrance halls, the property boundary is at the entrance of the hall).

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