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EPAL launches Special Edition of the COOL bottle on World Environment Day

Jun 05, 2020
After the success of previous editions, EPAL now has a new COOL dedicated to Lisbon

COOL bottle greenCapital_2020
Lisbon is the 2020 European Green Capital and to mark this honour, EPAL has just launched a special edition of the COOL Bottle with an image alluding to the award that is hugely important for the city of Lisbon, and also for EPAL, which day-to-day assumes a commitment to environmental sustainability.

To win this award, the effort in organising a more community-friendly city, as well as the development of areas such as energy efficiency and good water management, among others, were valued.

The COOL bottle is made of clay, a sustainable and ecological raw material with millennia of tradition that allows tap water to always be kept cool and with zero energy consumption, therefore the best symbol found for an ode to the city of Lisbon and the award received.

Keeping its design, manufacture and materials 100% Portuguese, this special edition of COOL, Lisbon – European Green Capital, gained more colour and will join the three existing versions.

This new edition is made of red clay and has a serigraph image around its base, where colours of nature and water vibrate, combining its chromatic concept with that used in the award logo.

The images reveal emblematic locations in the city, such as Águas Livres Aqueduct, gardens that invite you in for a stroll, sources of renewable energy and, of course, water.

Clay bottles are water and it is water that they serve.

The best. EPAL’s.

COOL bottles can be purchased at Amoreiras Mãe d'Água Reservoir and at EPAL shops at a cost of 50 euros.

More information on COOL clay bottles here 

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