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EPAL’s readings are now quarterly

Aug 02, 2022

More readings, better customer control over their water consumption, greater efficiency!

EPAL readingsEPAL has been systematically improving its service levels in terms of reading meters, the basis for billing water consumption.

In addition to launching the innovative waterbeep® service, investing in state-of-the-art equipment and maximum-efficiency technology, EPAL has enabled other digital solutions for the customer with online reading validation, such as EPALnet and the myAQUA® app., and recently also pioneered the “Bill in Litres” billing system with the objective of raising customers’ awareness of their daily usage.

All these innovations are completely focused on the importance of reducing patterns of consumption, supporting family savings and combating water waste.

Now, EPAL has increased the frequency of meter readings, currently every four months, in order to allow a closer matching of billing to real consumption. This proactive measure will also allow customers to better control their consumption and to reinforce efficient use measures, minimising unnecessary usage.

Because we are in the holiday season, we also remind you of the importance of keeping an eye on consumption and billing and of sending in the reading within the period indicated on the bill, prior to the temporary absence from home. The up-to-date reading also allows you to detect invisible water leaks or bursts, minimising the waste that affects both the consumer and the planet!

Use whichever method is most convenient for you:
• Phone in readings free of charge| 800 201 101 
• EPALnet | send in readings with online validation
• myAQUA | Free app for Android and iOS
• waterbeep® (also with online validation)

Check your meter reading area to find out when you will be visited by EPAL and how to read the meter here Meter reading

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