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ACM and EPAL raise awareness about the Efficient Use of Water

Jun 26, 2023

ACMWithin the scope of the partnership with the ACM – High Commission for Migration, a campaign was developed to raise awareness and alert people about the use and waste of water.

A leaflet with the theme "Water - Use Carefully. Don't waste it" was produced, sharing useful advice to avoid unnecessary waste. It is printed in several languages to reach as many people as possible and make them aware of this issue, which is becoming increasingly relevant given the context of drought that we are experiencing and in which, throughout the country, there is an appeal for the careful use of this resource.

The message focuses on sharing several water-saving tips, remembering that the water distributed in Lisbon’s public network is excellent quality water and that any and all waste, which leads to higher bills, burdening families unnecessarily, should be avoided.

For example, in terms of domestic consumption, around 60% is used for personal hygiene, and very simple water-saving habits must be adopted to make a difference, for example turning off the taps while brushing your teeth and soaping your hands, having short showers instead of baths and not putting rubbish down the toilet to minimise flushing.

In the kitchen, it is also possible to adopt circular economy practices, reusing water from washing fruit and vegetables and reusing water from cooking food in the preparation of meals.

For those who have outdoor or landscaped areas, one efficiency option is to use a container to store rainwater, as well as to choose plants that consume little water, thus compensating for increased watering expenses.

Leaflets in several languages are available on the website of the ACM – High Commission for Migration, and can be viewed on the ACM Portal at EPAL produces information leaflet in several languages - NoticiaDetalhe - ACM 

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