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Lisbon Tap Water Bottle


Lisbon Tap Water Bottle



Lisbon Tap Water BottleThe Lisbon Tap Water is an EPAL bottle with a modern design, sober and easy to handle that will withstand any environment in which it is used, inviting everyone to drink tap water.

Subtle and absolutely crystalline, it is in tune with the life of the capital in permanent dynamism and in the search for solutions of sustainability to cope with its most diverse activities.

Designed for spaces where conferences, seminars, professional trainning and encounters are held, it aims to support the entities that receive participants from countries around the world for professional, academic, cultural and entertainment events every day.

For this reason, Lisbon Tap Water presents a bilingual label, a universal affirmation of a sustainable habit, aiming to pass this message in the capital and beyond borders.

This peace, also from Depósito da Marinha Grande, reflects a choice for the environment, creating awareness for the consumption of tap water, anywhere, a good of excellence that meets the most stringent national and international quality standards.
Drink tap water at a refreshing temperature for a pleasant palate and a satiating effect. Drink with great satisfaction!

tap water

. Weight | 0, 308kg
. Capacity | 1 litre
. Dimensions | 25 cm high 
has an airtight aluminium lid and a capacity of one litre.

Price | 12,5 euros

Where to buy it
. EPAL Water Museum | Rua do Alviela, 12
. Mãe d'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir | Praça das Amoreiras, 10
. Águas Livres Aqueduct | Calçada da Quintinha 6, Lisboa
. EPAL Shops - Head Office building and One Stop Shop (Laranjeiras) 




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