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"Águas Livres" Journal
Despite having restarted its numbering in the 1980’s, the “Águas Livres” journal was in fact created in 1963 and, notwithstanding the brief interruptions at the most troubled times of Portuguese history, as the case with the 25 April Carnation Revolution, every month it still lands on the desks of all EPAL employees in service and is sent to the home of all those who have already retired.

The journal has changed image, style and format many times, even the type of paper it was printed on, yet its job remains that of keeping EPAL employees up do date in a thorough and truthful manner.

The “AL” is also distributed to various companies in the sector, ministries in charge of these companies and anyone who wishes to receive it.

It has always been and always will be an independent publication, led by its own editorial staff and counting on news items from its correspondents.

On its organisation, we can say that the Journal is divided into sections and each of these addresses different themes and in different genres.

The “Águas Livres” journal is a 100% EPAL product insofar as all of it is produced within the company, except for printing. The photographs, news and graphic layout are all the work of company employees.

The freedom to inform and to be informed is one of the values we uphold and it is with this right in mind that we believe that “AL” will always be a project that dignifies EPAL.

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