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Water Quality Report
One of EPAL's main concerns is to ensure water quality throughout the entire supply system, from the used water resources to the Lisbon consumer's tap; therefore it follows a good practice policy in terms of operations and maintenance.

This concern has two fundamental goals: to verify the level of water quality versus compliance with the legislation in force and maintain an operational control enabling the detection of possible abnormalities in the water quality - which either occur occasionally or systematically - as to allow for efficient preventive or corrective measures.

 Water Quality Report shows water quality control results obtained from Lisbon consumer taps in the delivery points to managing bodies and delivery points to direct customers supplied through the adduction/transport system, as per Decree-Law No. 306/2007, from August 27th. This report also shows the innovation and development activities, which took place at EPAL during the analysed year and contribute towards Improved Water Quality for Human Consumption.

You may request the Portuguese version of the Water Quality Reports for previous years by emailing us at

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