Conteudo Principal
Transparent Management
EPAL is also part of a project supporting companies that operate in the national and foreign market, and contributed to the creation of a website called GestãoTransparente.Org, which is hosted on the Corruption Prevention Office’s website, on the AICEP website and on the “Basel Institute on Governance” website. It is expected to be integrated in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

General Goals
  • To develop a collaborative initiative of preventing corruption and promoting transparency
  • To foster the sharing of the values of integrity, responsibility and transparency
Specific Goals
  • To identify and define the main organisational measures in terms of preventing corruption risks
  • To develop a practical management tool to support companies in defining and implementing corruption prevention measures and in fostering transparency
  • To make available an interactive tool in a simple language that can be accessed by companies and the general public through the website
Transparent Management

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