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Águas Livres Academy
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The Águas Livres Academy was created by EPAL and opened on 4 October 2013. It resulted from the awareness of the gap in Portugal of training for technical and operational staff in the water and environment sector. Accordingly, under the scope of EPAL’s certification as a training body by the Directorate General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT), the Academy seeks to meet the sector’s needs, as this sector is undergoing constant change and growth, thereby requiring increasingly theoretical qualifications associated with the skills acquired in the corporate environment.

The Águas Livres Academy’s mission is to develop and enhance the management, skill and behavioural skills that are specific to the staff and technicians who work or will come to work in bodies belonging to the water and environment sector. It seeks to establish itself as a national benchmark with regard to developing and sharing the knowledge necessary to all those who are getting ready to take part or already take part in the many organisations and institutions that belong to the sector.

The Academy boasts privileged and flexible conditions in terms of its infrastructure in order to carry out its training activities. In addition to the training building, which has four duly equipped rooms and a common room, it also has sustainable green spaces and a parking lot. Its training pool contains highly specialised trainers in the subjects addressed in the courses, ensuring in an innovative way the response to the ever-growing changes and needs of the market in which it operates.


Rua das Amoreiras, 101
1269-271 Lisbon

Telephone |
 +351 213 251 671
Fax | +351 218 552 808
Email | [email protected]

GPS | N 38º 43.349’ - W 9º 09.539’

How to get there..

By Bus (Carris)
Lines 711, 713, 723, 748, 758, 774 (C. C. Amoreiras)
Lines 706, 709, 713, 720, 727, 738, 758, 774 (Lg. Rato)

Please Note | The highlighted numbers are the lines that stop on Rua das Amoreiras, where the AAL is located

By Underground
Rato station

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