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CAL - Chave Águas Livres (Water Master Key)

Water Master Key

Urban water distribution, sewerage and fire services systems are composed of a wide range of connections, devices and accessories which, because of their great variety, require the use of a large number of different tools to access and manipulate them.

The devices and accessories can include, for example, fire hydrants, hydrant gate valves, valves, covers, or movable heads, all of various types.

EPAL has designed a multifunction manual key combining several tools in an ergonomic and non-random way matching the configuration of the devices and accessories and their arrangement on the ground.

As a consequence, it reduces labour and improves mobility due to its size compared with the range of existing tools and its ease of handling in a range of jobs where there is a need to perform several sequential actions.

Given the universal application of the multifunction key and the standardisation of devices and accessories, it can be used by a large number of water distribution and sewerage companies and by firefighting teams.

CAL - Chave Águas Livres, was recognised at the Project Innovation Awards of the International Water Association (IWA) in the Small Projects category.

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