Conteudo Principal
Code of Conducts and Ethics
As a company that offers a public service, EPAL’s performance has been guided by the values of integrity, rigour and responsibility in fulfilling its mission.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics encompasses the commitments undertaken by the company, corporate bodies and employees in fulfilling their mission in a transparent manner, with dialogue and ethics.

More than a commitment, this code reflects the will to pursue a path of continuous improvement by a company that takes on as structuring principles guiding its action the respect for employees’ rights, the responsibility to protect and preserve the environment, transparency in its relations with outside bodies and the contribution towards sustainable development, in its environmental, social, economic and cultural dimensions.

All those who engage with the company in its commercial, corporate and social activities have a legitimate interest in the company’s and its employees’ transparency, dialogue and ethical attitude, and their input can be sent to the company through the email address

This code also refers to the existence of an Águas de Portugal group Ethics Committee, which was set up in 2010 with the goal of monitoring, in an unbiased and independent manner, the activities carried out by each company’s corporate bodies, the disclosure of and compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics in all of the group companies. The committee is made up of 5 (five) members and can be reached through email address

You can download the Code of Conduct of Ethics here:

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