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Efficient use

Efficient Use. Use only what you need

Water is essential to life and it is important to be awareof its scarcity. Small changes in your daily habits can save hundreds of litres per month, without reducing your comfort.


  • A dripping tap can represent about 6 000 litres of water wasted annually. Make sure you have closed the taps when you brush your teeth, shave or wash your hands
  • About 10 000 litres are wasted when you leave a opened tap during your daily hygiene
  • Lenghty showers or deep bath are responsible for the greater part of waste in the average household consumption. Each deep bath can use about 200 litres and a lenghty shower can use about 100 litres. Choose quick 5 minute showers and close the tap while using the soap
  • Do not do the dishes by hand! Use the dishwasher. There are recent models with less consumption which can use 22 litres per wash
  • Always use the dishwasher when it’s fully loaded and in the economy program. Also choose environmentally friendly detergents, which produce less foam. This way your dishwasher will need less water to wash the dishes
  • Use the washing machine when it’s fully loaded, choosing environmentally friendly detergents. Old models can use up to 220 litres for a 5kg wash. Recent models can consume less than 50 litres perwash
  • A leaking toilet flush can waste about 200 thousand litres of water per year. Set the flush to the minimum volume and do not dispose rubbish in the toilet. This way you will avoid unnecessary flushes
  • While watering plants remember that this is only intended to provide the necessary amount of water, according to the plants needs, when there is insufficient rainfall
  • Watering with a hose can use up to 18 litres per minute
  • Choose the hours of less heat to water the plants: before 9am and after 6pm. This way you will have less loss by evaporation
  • Consider the climatic conditions before watering your Garden
  • Washing your car cannot be carried out as routine. Use environmentally friendly service stations that have timing devices on the water use and wash the car only when it is dirty. You can also make use of rainy days and then use a bucket and sponge
  • Remember when you wash the car, this is being done with drinking water

Did you know that…

  • Economy in paper not only contributes to forests preservation but also to water saving. Each kg of paper needs five thousand litres of water for its production. Use recycled paper
  • Recycled products consume less water than those newly produced
  • Save water is learning not to waste it unnecessarily. Efficient use of water is to use only what is really necessary in your daily life, without affecting your comfort and quality of life

Some useful hints…

  • If you are going to have a water cut in your area, save enough water according to your needs
  • Do not waste any remaining water. Instead use it for house cleaning, toilet or to irrigate plants
  • Check your water meter regularly to understand your consumption

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