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Water Recipe Book

Make your tap water even more irresistible

This second edition of the tap water cookbook is a version dedicated entirely to consuming it hot.

receitas cháConsuming tap water is a sustainable habit that should be part of our daily lives, regardless of the season of the year.

Generally, when it is colder, the sensation of thirst is reduced, and it is common to drink less water.

Since hydration is fundamental to our well-being, here are some suggestions of tisanes and blends that you can drink in the comfort of your home, in the office or during other day-to-day activities.

Make your tap water even more irresistible

EPAL has launched the first tap water recipe book, to make your table more colourful and your hydration more fun.receitas água(Inglês)

We challenge you to try these suggestions of flavoured water, from the many possibilities that exist.

Remember, it is very important to drink water several times a day, especially on hot days.

The tap water distributed in our country is water that meets legal requirements and can be consumed with confidence.

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