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The Water Distribution Network in the City of Lisbon covers approximately 1449 km of Distribution and Adduction System pipelines with approximately 104.285 supply branches, 13 reservoirs, 11 pumping stations, 5 chlorination posts (4 with chlorine at the reservoirs of Barbadinhos, Campo de Ourique, and São Jerónimo, while 2 with sodium hypochlorite are at the reservoirs of Telheiras and Pombal) and approximately 10 000 manoeuvre organs.

In 2022, sold water in Lisbon's distribution network totalled 49.338.549 m3 . 

Lisbon's distribution network has 153 Monitoring and Control Areas, which take approximately 98% of the entire network so that network pressure, consumption and flow is monitored and controlled at all times.

The quality of water distributed in the City of Lisbon is controlled by collecting water samples in fixed points within Lisbon's distribution network, which are connected to different infrastructures, thus enable a systematic coverage of all Monitoring and Control Areas/Altimetric supply Areas, and particularly important/critical network points (reservoirs, pumping stations, etc.) within a total of 180 sampling points.

The sampling points in Lisbon's distribution network are grouped as follows:
  • Distribution points for the different Monitoring and Control Areas/Altimetric supply Areas
  • Reservoirs
  • Pumping Stations
  • Distribution/adduction points

Analysis Results for 2023

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Analysis Results for previous years


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