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Portugal is currently facing a severe drought. As water is an essential resource for life, we urgently need to save and reuse it much more. Be sensible, use water efficiently.

Working together and with small acts, we can save thousands of litres of water, essential for use or reuse for other purposes:
• Redouble all the water-saving efforts you are already making
• Increase reuse of water 
• Slightly close mains stopcocks to reduce the flow of water 
• If it rains, store water for later reuse
• Do not fill tanks and swimming pools


Reuse whenever you can
The water used to wash your vegetables is clean and can be reused to water the plants in your garden.
Also, water for your shower, which is usually wasted while waiting for it to get hot, can be caught in a bucket and reused for washing or flushing the toilet. These are just a couple of examples of reuse that you can apply in your home.

Take quick showers
If you take a five-minute shower and always turn off the tap while soaping, you will reduce your consumption to 24 litres. A shower with a flow reduction system can save up to 80%.
Brush your teeth or wash your hands with the tap turned off

Do you know that washing your hands or brushing your teeth with the tap running can waste around 36 litres of water?
Do not waste it. If you use a glass, you can reduce consumption to just 1 litre. While soaping your hands, turn off the tap.

Don't leave the water running while you shave
By leaving the tap running while you shave, you can use up to 40 litres of water. If you put the plug in the plughole, you will only use two litres.

Half flush the toilet
On average, a toilet uses 15 litres of water each time it is flushed. Reduce this consumption by installing a cistern with a half-flush or interrupted-flush function.
Use washing machines and dishwashers with a full load

A washing machine consumes up to 220 litres of water to wash 5 kg of clothes. Always use it with a full load and opt for the lowest consumption programme.
If you wash clothes or dishes by hand, use a bowl or the sink. Soak the dishes before washing. Avoid washing them with running water.

Fix leaking pipes
A tap dripping every 5 seconds can waste 30 litres of water a day, corresponding to more than 10,000 litres of water a year. If there are no leaks, this reduces to 0 litres. Be vigilant, and as soon as you discover a problem, call a plumber.

Don't waste water when watering your garden
If you water the garden with a hose, you will use 18 litres of water every minute. Plants should be watered at dawn or after sunset to prevent rapid evaporation of the water.

Don't wash your car with a hose
Before washing your car, seriously consider if it is really necessary at this time. If you really have to wash it, don't use a hose, because in 30 minutes of washing you will use an average of 216 to 560 litres of water. If you use a 10-litre bucket to wash the car and three buckets to rinse it, you only use 40 litres of water.

Use a bucket of water to wash your backyard
Regular washing of backyards and patios with a hose should be avoided, and in extreme situations it may even be prohibited. Alternatively, use a broom and a bucket of water. With this small act you save many litres of water which can be used for other purposes.



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