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costa nova buleMore than just a dietary habit, drinking tea is a ritual of well-being, ever-present in our day-to-day lives, helping us to feel well, comforted and hydrated.

The practice of adding herbs to hot water and waiting for the aromas to be released is an ancient ritual enjoyed by millions of people.

Teas, extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant, herbal teas, infusions of medicinal herbs, and blends, mixtures of teas, fruits, spices and flowers, are widely consumed, and are among the most successful drinks in the world.

Dating back to a distant past, tea plantations originated in China and then spread to Japan and Korea and later to other Asian countries such as India. It then reached Europe as an exotic and luxury item brought back by the Portuguese returning from their travels to the Orient.

Although the Dutch East India Company is credited with making tea such a popular drink, it was through the personal seal of a 17th century Portuguese princess - Dona Catarina de Bragança - that its consumption developed into a tradition, becoming a fashionable drink, first in England, and then in eighteenth-century Europe, marking the habits and customs of generations over the centuries.

Returning to Portugal after her husband's death, the queen-consort of England would be the tutor of her great-nephew, D. João V, who oversaw the construction of Águas Livres Aqueduct.

Being a very popular drink in old Lisbon, undoubtedly made with the water that reached the city through Águas Livres Aqueduct, we could not fail to pay tribute to it with the new AQUA NOVA teapot by COSTA NOVA.

A two-decades-old brand, COSTA NOVA takes its inspiration from the sea. The same sea, in a broad sense, through which we sailed and discovered the tea plantations on the other side of the world.

bule costa novaThe new teapot, which now bears the iconic medallion illustrating the Águas Livres Aqueduct, is also intended to be a symbolic ode to the sea and to one of the most emblematic architectural works that most contributed to the development of the capital.

COSTA NOVA brand pieces are in sandstone, made from the best natural resources in the country, and incorporate recycled materials (clay and glaze), reducing the use of capital, energy and natural resources in their manufacture. They are also produced using a high temperature single firing method, which reduces energy consumption and emissions of gases into the atmosphere.

But EPAL wanted to go even further in this partnership. 

The AQUA NOVA teapot is a pioneering piece made of recycled stoneware from the raw material that constitutes its own brand – Eco Gres®, making it even more efficient and ecological, fully incorporating reuse in the circular economy.

This new piece will give new inspiration to your table, combining history, water and tea in an ancient ritual, now with a piece that reflects even more environmental sustainability for a more promising future. 

Weight | 0,970 kg
Capacity | 1 litre
Dimensions | 15 cm high

Price | 32,50 euros

Where to buy it
EPAL Water Museum | Rua do Alviela, 12
Mãe d'Água das Amoreiras Reservoir | Praça das Amoreiras, 10
Águas Livres Aqueduct | Calçada da Quintinha 6, Lisboa
EPAL Shops - Head Office building and One Stop Shop (Laranjeiras) 


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